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Building the Honky Dory

Building the Honky Dory

The pages above provided background material on dory building designing and repairing in the general case. The pages that follow from here provide specific instructions diagrams and dimensions for building the Montana Riverboats Honk Dory.


The photo above is Jeremy Christensen rowing Larry Hedrick’s decked, stretched out Honky Dory. Larry built at least two Honky Dories as per the plans. For this third boat he added two feet in the middle and decked the boat, in order to transform it into a Grand Canyon dory. My plans don’t support decked versions. Not yet anyway. Larry figured it all out on his own.

I’ve rowed that boat. It is a fine boat. Decked boats are the future I think. I’m building a decked boat now with an 18’ foot rather than 16’ foot gunwale. I’ll do my best to rig it so it can also be used for day trip fly fishing. I like the idea of standing or sitting from almost two feet higher up. And fishing.

An Aside about decked boats:

My boat--that I’m working on now--will be a lot like a much bigger Montana Riverboats Dayak, with a pointed front end.